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Emilio Law Group was initially founded in 1993 focusing on the employment and wage/hour areas of law. Before becoming an attorney, I was a business owner in the chemical and manufacturing industries for 20 years. A commonly held view that I had was that the less you use an attorney, the generally better off you are. This was generally true then and still is. But this is unfortunate. Your attorney firm should be an important and integral part of your business planning. You use an accounting firm to help prepare for each year's tax returns. You also use them to assist in producing financial statements to help you analyze your profits and losses to keep watch on the financial health of your organization.

So, too, a qualified business attorney is an indispensable resource to analyze and monitor your legal health, which ultimately may have a far greater impact on your financial health than whether you understand balance sheets, break-even analysis or what terms you get from a vendor. Too often, a business owner's view of attorneys is generally that they cost a lot and produce very little. Once again, this is generally true. The vast majority of lawyers came directly out of college to enter law school, pass the bar and hang their shingle. This is hardly a person on whom you should rely.

The really competent law firms who have the experience to properly advise business clients generally come with a very hefty price tag. These firms have staffs of people who are experts in various areas of law. And if you have a legal question, they can generally give you a quick answer - to a "legal" question. But even in these law firms you are still dealing with someone who may have graduated at the top of his law class, but never had to make payroll or deal with obstructive employees or difficult customers. Generally, none of these attorneys ever had to sit in your shoes as a business owner or manager. They have no idea what you are going through or how to deal with real-world problems.

At Emilio Law Group, we understand your issues, because I have personally been there. But I look at your business from a slightly different perspective. Many businesses, either through conscious decision or ignorance of the law, make decisions that fall outside what the law permits and these are businesses that maybe just one lawsuit away from disaster. What is important is that periodically you must force yourself to take the time to sit down with a business and employment lawyer who may spot just one or two of your really serious issues.

If you are already in the unfortunate position of being sued, it is the perfect opportunity for you to speak to us about the lawsuit you have today and how to avoid the lawsuit you may have next year. I really would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you. I know you are busy and you may already have an attorney, but it never hurts to get a second opinion. There is never a hard sell and certainly no obligation. I've been around long enough to know that you don't need either.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Daniel G. Emilio, Attorney At Law